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Quality and Texture that Enhances in every potPerfect choice for seasoned Chef and Home Chefs Blends well with variety of ingredients and culinary stylesLong, slender grains and fine texture BenefitsWithstand eat and long cooking hoursPremium grains, that absorbs flavor effortlesslyIdeal f..
Your Kitchen's best kept secretPerfect blend of quality ,taste and value.Long fine textured grains that can withstand long cooking hoursOne rice for all delicious recipesBenefitsProvides a stomach filling experienceVersatile rice for a variety of dishesNon sticky and fluffy riceEffortless cooking wi..
Unwavering quality consistent Excellence Subtle aroma and golden colored grains Long and strongest grain  with a smooth texture perfect choice for chefs looking for constant excellence in every servingBenefitsDurable during long cooking hoursApt for cooking with variety of ingred..
Crafting delicious memoriesCurated to meet the standards of chef and culinary professionalConsistent grain length and texture Can be cooked with variety of ingredients with out any breakageIts neutral flavor profile helps amplify accompanying flavorsBenefitsNon sticky  and Long grainsConsi..
It has a lower calorie count than the standard long-grain.Lower Fat. Fewer calories, Aids in weight loss, Lower Sodium. Helps to regulate blood pressure.It is rich in carbohydrates which in turn means it has a high starch content. Sona Mansoori in India is considered to be the most importa..
Ideal for making baked goods with strong flavors and a dark crumb.Package weight: 25 kgProduct DescriptionPackaged in 25 kg bags, French T170 rye flour can be used to make many varieties of bread: casserole bread, rye bread, country bread, sourdough bread, etc. This bread flour from the range b..
Moul-bie Croisant Mix Flour 25kg
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Moul-bie Croisant Mix Flour 25kgFinest and whitest flour from the first stages of the roller-milling process.Milled from soft wheat by one of France’s foremost mills.It is ideal for enriched doughs such as croissants and brioche...
Moul-bie Pain De Campagne Country Bread 25kgPerfect for restaurants and bakeries.Traditional country bread with natural rye sourdough. It is an ideal product to be served with cheeses and cold meats.The first blend launched in 1968 by Grands Moulins de Paris, country bread is one of the great classi..
Moul-bie Tradition T65-25kgTraditional French bread.Traditional French Moul-Bie T65 bread flour is commonly used to give bread and baguettes a creamy, honeycombed crumb and a very crispy crust.The T65 Bio tradition for organic bread, for making your breads and baguettes.Package weight: 25 kgProduct ..
Moul-bie Patissiere Blanche White Pastry Flour Premium Wheat Flour T55 25kg
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Strong French-style White Bread FlourIdeal for making bread, puff pastries, croissants and baguettes.Multi-purpose T55 wheat flour for pastry and catering.Package weight: 25 kgProduct DescriptionLa Pâtissière Blanche is a multi-purpose type 55 wheat flour for pastry and catering. Developed by Moul-B..
Moul-bie Flour Gruau Rouge Red Oatmeal Wheat Flour T45 25kg
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French flourT45 hard wheat flour is used for the traditional production of pastries.Perfect for recipes rich in butter, eggs and sugar. Large pack size (25kg)Product DescriptionMoul-Bie red groat flour is a T45 wheat flour made from hard wheat, that is to say wheat with a high protein content (..
An ideal mixture for making a colorful and delicious sponge cake.Package weight: 25 kgDiscover a mixture specially measured for making a sponge cake with a yellow crumb and a texture that is fine, regular and airy. With good development, this mixture is suitable for making “butter” pastries if used ..
GBR Lucky Gold Indian Sona masoori Rice 18Kg..
Bharath Ponni Rice 20Kg - 00737 20 kg..
Golden Chef Jeerakasala Rice 20Kg-00796 20 kg..
The Ultimate Chef ProductUltimate Choice of Chef Masters and Chef Celebrities Long and consistent grains for perfect CookingElongates up to 2.3times on cookingAccelerated aging (Artificially aged by steaming processBenefitsPerfect for re cooking and re heating Each grain needle like E..
Most Loved by Chefs both professional and home chefsUltimate balance of value and quality for ChefsPerfect combination of taste, Quality and valueExtra long grains ,and non stickyAccelerated aging(artificially aged ) by steaming processBenefitsCulinary Professional's ChoiceFluffy and separate grain&..
For great food and good timesSubtle aroma and consistent golden hue in all batches Especially curated keeping traditional cooking in mindIdeal for large batches cooked below soil as well as small batches in cookerBenefitsPerfect rice for Bukhari chefsCan withstand long cooking hours with meat a..
India Gate Classic Basmati  Rice 20Kg
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Exquisite aroma & distinctive sweet taste.Aged 2 Year to perfection.Rolls Royce of Basmati.Preferred and trusted by royal families all around the world.Benefits Extra Long ,pearl white grainsFluffy Cotton like texturePerfect for Cooking and reheatingElongates Up to 2.5 times on CookingOffer..
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Selezione Casillo Flour "00" all purpose flour 20kg
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Selezione Casillo Flour "00" all purpose flour 20kg..
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